What exactly is a lifestyle and wedding concierge, you ask?

*con·cierge  noun /kôNˈsyerZH/ /känsēˈerZH/

1. Caretaker who works with clients to create the most memorable experiences:

2. Provider of individual levels of services to “achieve the impossible” and granter of any request (so long as it’s ethical):

3. Gatekeeper of access for clients to spa and salon appointments, tickets to shows and sporting events, restaurant recommendations and reservations:

4. Answerer of general questions and recommender of gifts:

5. Assistant in planning special events, booking hotel rooms, scheduling travel and ground transportation…even providing the ultimate in vendor referrals:

Life:Styled Concierge Services: friend + assistant + travel agent = life & love. 


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Wow. Sick!!


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Very interesting points. Thanks!

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